Aims and Objects

To advance the welfare of Buddhist community of Bangladesh through education and thereby serve the nation - that is the motto of Bangladesh Buddhist Foundation.The cardinal aspects of our comprehensive aims and objectives are as follows:

The cardinal aspects of our comprehensive aims and objectives are as follows:

  1. To award scholarships to the meritorious but less privilege students studying different subjects in various disciplines such as science, social science, humanities, commerce, medicine, engineering, diploma engineering, nursing, medical science (diploma), agricultural diploma, physical training, physical education, vocational training, fine arts, religious studies and such like.
  2. To establish vocational training centers for Buddhist students in Chittagong Metropolitan city area and other parts of the country.
  3. To build students’ hostel and dormitory for guests and visitors from across the country and abroad.
  4. To conduct a census of Buddhist population highlighting their religious, social, economic condition and collecting relevant information of Buddhist villages geared towards the advancement of social welfare.
  5. To provide financial help to the unemployed youth for vocational training and training in arts and crafts, design and technology to create employment opportunities in job market for them.
  6. To bring out an annual journal focusing on topics, themes, issues of Buddhism, history, society and culture of the Buddhists.
  7. To establish a public library containing books, journals, periodicals on Buddhism, history, society and culture of the Buddhists. Publication of books on Buddhism, Buddhist studies in significant relation to the history society and culture of Bangladesh.
  8. To establish a research centre for Buddhist studies and extend support to scholars, researchers and academics on diverse aspects of this field of study.
  9. To implement projects of excavation and discovery of sites of historical and archeological interest and Buddhist heritage with researchers form home and abroad.
  10. To aid reconstruction and renovation of dilapidated or disaster-affected temples, monasteries and centers of pilgrimage. To adopt preventive measures to stop theft, trafficking and vandalism of art objects artifacts of archeological sites.
  11. To form cordial, friendly ties with non-political welfare organizations.
  12. To collect and manage funds for the development of Bangladesh Buddhist Foundation.
  13. To help victims of natural disasters of needy people on humanitarian grounds in cooperation with development programs of Bangladesh Government.
  14. Bangladesh Buddhist Foundation, in its policy and procedure, stands above any restrictive perspective confined to categorize of groups, region, sect, clan or ideology. Thus, it can claim itself to be a representative, national organization of all Buddhists of Bangladesh. It is resolved to serve all people of Bangladesh. It embraces the belief that to help people is the noblest task in life.
  15. To organize seminars, symposia, discussion on themes, topics and issues of national and Buddhistic importance.
  16. To build cordial and mutually beneficial relationships with Buddhist organizations of other countries and exchange views and opinions to advance welfare of Bangladesh.